Steel is non-combustible, does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep. Steel is dimensionally stable, is straight and does not expand or contract with moisture. Steel can be erected by a low-skill level work force.

Steel has nearly limitless design flexibility. Steel does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Steel does not have to be treated with chemicals for insects, and is free of resin adhesives. Long-term maintenance costs are reduced because steel is resistant to rot, mold, termite and insect infestation. Steel is 100% recyclable.  Steel is made of nearly 75% recycled material.

STEEL IS THE “GREENEST” ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL WOOD FRAMING. It’s affordable and requires less building time. E.g. 2-4 weeks. (Ideal for disaster relief situations). Steel is stronger than wood, concrete and is more resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes and other destructive weather conditions.

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